A little about what we can provide

Bondi Junction 7 Day Medical Centre provides general practice services for the whole family.

  • Eastern Suburbs Travel Vaccination Centre / Yellow Fever Clinic

Yellow Fever Clinic - authorised provider of Yellow Fever Vaccinations for the Eastern Suburbs / Bondi Junction region.

  • Doctor medical consultations are 100% Bulk Billed
  • Vaccinations can be purchased onsite or through the many local pharmacies
  • Cosmetic Injections Bondi Junction

Cosmetic Injection Clinic for anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections which are performed by highly experienced practitioners that have specialised skills and qualifications. There is also a medical practitioner on site at all times.

Treatments are by appointment only, please visit our Cosmetic Injections page for more information.

  • Pharmacy Bondi Junction

Convenient onsite Pharmacy / Chemist, offering discount prescriptions.

  • Podiatrist Bondi Junction

Affordable Podiatry services provided. Experienced onsite Podiatrist. Podiatrist medical care plans. Arch inserts. Foot assessment. Toe nail care.

  • Pathology

Laverty Pathology has a collection centre within the medical centre for your convenience. All staff are experienced and are able to collect blood from adults and children.

Pathology results are available in your file, usually within 3 working days. PAPsmear results often take a few more days.

Due to confidentiality reasons, staff cannot discuss your results over the phone.

  • Registered Nurses - Full Time
  • Wound Dressing
  • All Childhood Immunisations

All our nurses are very experienced and trained in giving childhood immunisation and continually update their knowledge.

Please refer to:

NSW Immunisation Program for more information.

  • Influenza Vaccinations
  • Treatment of Lacerations and Sporting Injuries
  • Minor Surgical Procedures and Excision of Moles
  • Travel Vaccinations

All our doctors are able to access up to date information on vaccine requirements for overseas travel and prescribe the common vaccines.

Some Examples:

  • hepatitis A and B
  • typhoid
  • whooping cough (pertussis)
  • tetanus
  • cholera
  • polio

This service is bulk billed.

  • Flu Vaccinations

$10.80 Flu Vaccinations are provided onsite, new quadrivalent (4 strains) flu vaccines are now available.

The new Flu vaccine is FREE for:

  • 65 years and over
  • pregnant women
  • ongoing medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart conditions

Being a fully bulk billed medical centre, there are no other out of pocket expenses.

There are thousands of flu related deaths every year in Australia.

Those most vulnerable are the elderly, as well as those with chronic health conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease.

Fluvax is available at this medical centre free of charge to those aged 65 and over, as well as to those with a chronic health illness.

You can see any of our GPs free with a valid medicare card and they will organise this for you.

You don’t need to make an appointment.

  • ECGs
  • Diabetes and Cholesterol Check
  • PAP Smears

Performed by ‘Family Planning Association’ trained registered nurses.

  • Care Plans

Care plans are available for our regular patients with ongoing medical conditions lasting more than 6 months (eg diabetes, asthma, chronic pain). If your doctor feels that you can benefit from treatment from a health care provider that would otherwise not attract a medicare benefit, he may suggest that you have a care plan organised. This helps your doctor to coordinate care from a dietitian, physiotherapist, podiatrist, chiropractor, osteopath. Through a care plan, a proportion of their fee will be covered by medicare.

Registered nurses on at all times while we are open.

  • Mental Health Plans

Mental health plans allow patients who suffer from depression, anxiety, or other personal problems to have up to ten visits with a psychologist. A proportion of the fees will be covered by medicare. Your doctor will be able to assess if you qualify for this service.

  • Medication Reviews

What is a Medicine Review?

A medicine review is a service that allows a pharmacist to perform a thorough check of all the medicines you are taking. It is done at the request of your doctor, and with your agreement. It gives you the opportunity to spend time asking questions about your medicines to gain a better understanding of how they work, how to take them and any interactions that may occur. Multiple prescribed medications or even herbal medications you may be taking, can on occasion interfere with each other. Sometimes medicine-related problems can occur. By having a personal discussion with a pharmacist, you will reduce the risk of these problems occurring. Improving your understanding of the medications you take may also improve your overall health.

Who would benefit from having a Medicine Review?

Some things are more likely to put people at risk of medicine-related problems, such as:

  • taking five or more regular medicines, or taking more than a total of 12 doses of medicine per day which may lead to confusion
  • recent changes to your medication routine (doses or medicines);
  • attending a number of different doctors, both GPs and specialists
  • someone who doesn't understand their medications or how to use them properly eg. Ventolin puffers, peak flow devices, diabetic monitoring, medication or glucometers
  • the elderly, confused or people with language difficulties
  • recently being discharged from hospital.

Who can decide if you need a Review?

Your doctor will usually identify a need for a medication review. However carers, family members, your pharmacist or community nurse, can ask your doctor if this service would help you. If you agree, your doctor will fill out a special referral form, which you take to the pharmacy.

How often can I have a Review?

Every 12 months or sooner if there is a change in your condition or your medicines.

What do I have to do?

Your doctor will write a referral, which you take to the pharmacist. A time is arranged to have the medication review. Before the visit, think about and write down any questions you would like answered. All your medications need to be viewed. Even those bought at health food shops. The pharmacist will discuss the results of the review with your doctor, including any suggestions that may be of benefit to you. You then return to your doctor and with your help he/she will develop a medications management plan for you to follow. Your doctor and pharmacist will work together with you, to put any changes into action.